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The state of the art facilities at Reddford House Northcliff are effectively enhanced by the school’s imposing design along with the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.

Our Early Learning School (ELS), which follows the Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy, boasts an impressive piazza that exhibits the children’s work and creative pieces.

The striking two storey Senior Preparatory and College building features well-equipped classrooms, which includes performing and creative arts studios for dance, music, drama, visual arts, and design.

The campus also includes ample sports fields for soccer, rugby, cricket and athletics, as well as courts for tennis and netball. A swimming pool is planned for the near future. Other exciting new developments can be expected in ensuing years.


An environment that is conducive for optimal learning and growth.



Purpose built to support the Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy in Early Learning.



Extensive educational, sporting and performing arts facilities.



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