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04 April 2017

True to their commitment, Reddford House plausibly maintains a level of educational excellence that surpasses the restraints of traditional academia.

To ensure all Reddford House students are adequately equipped for the globally competitive world in all aspects, Reddford House Blue Hills, Northcliff and The Hills are proud to be affiliated with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum.

The IEB is an independent assessment authority, which has had its IEB NSC, and their Advanced Programmes in Mathematics and English, benchmarked by UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC).

The IEB NSC is a Proudly South African qualification that is equivalent to the UK AS level. In addition, its Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Programme English are equivalent to the UK A levels. IEB graduates have been accepted into the most elite universities in the world. The IEB NSC and their Advanced Programme subjects prepare students for tertiary study both within South Africa’s borders, and the world at large.

Providing a holistic education to students from 1 year old to Grade 12, Reddford House offers subjects in all the eight Learning Areas of the National Curriculum, with a wide variety of subjects available in Grades 10 to 12.

With the assistance and support of the exceptional Reddford House teachers, students are motivated, stimulated and extended to meet the highest academic expectations.


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