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Our co-curricular activities form an integral part of our holistic education. These activities allow children to explore, discover and develop latent skills and talents outside of the traditional learning areas. We encourage our children to enthusiastically participate in these specialised, character-building activities.


Our co-curricular sport and cultural programme is offered to the Stage 4 and 5 children. Various mini-sport and cultural activities are organised each term. Age-appropriate activities are also organised for Stage 3 and 4 children from the second term onwards. Traditional school co-curricular activities are included in the school fees. Other specialised activities are offered at an additional cost. Children are offered the convenience of all these services on the campus. At the commencement of a new term, students and parents can access the Term Calendar on the Reddford House App for the co-curricular timetable and events.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: ELS: Stage 1 - 4: Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis and cricket all done during school time. ELS: Stage 5: Mini Tennis, Chess, Judo, Mini Soccer, Mini Cricket, Glee Club, Mini Art, Mini Athletics and Golf.


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